14 e-stores to buy e-gift cards as Christmas gifts

If you are anything like me, with busy days and no time available, shopping for Christmas gifts can be a nightmare, no matter how much you love your significant others, relatives or children. If so, I hear you! However, may I remind you that you have a precious ally, i.e. the internet? Though I know […]

Best online shopping experience: Yoox

I love online shopping. I love the fact that is growing more and more, and I love that I can purchase anything, no matter what I need, just by clicking on my mouse a couple of times. Lazy? Yes, definitively probably, but I still love it. And most of all, it’s the only way to […]

5 common misconceptions about Italian food

Italians love food, particularly Italian food, and they’re very proud of it. So much so that whenever they see something odd with the way Italian food is treated, they feel like they are about to faint or have a heart attack. I am Italian too and yes, food is one of the most important things […]

How To Save Money Buying Flight + Hotel with Expedia

Image Credits: Rana Sawalha. I am one of those travellers who usually buy/book flights and hotel separately. For several reasons. Sometimes I want to spend the miles of a frequent flyer program. Sometimes I find a very good deal for a flight and buy it immediately. Most of the times because I want to have […]

Korean beauty products: where to buy them online Part 4 Asia-S.America-Africa

For the final post of the series concerning online stores where you can purchase Korean beauty products, I will cover e-shops in Asia, South America and Africa. Korean beauty in the world I know I will play Captain Obvious here, but shopping for Korean or Japanese cosmetics in Asia is definitively easier than everywhere else. […]

Korean beauty products: where to buy them online – Part 3: Oceania

Welcome to Part 3 of my post-series about Korean beauty products and where to buy them online. In my two previous posts, I showed you where you can shop online for K-beauty items in North America and in Korean beauty products: where to buy them online – Part 2: Europe – Style Story Website’s location: […]